Settling In

To help your child settle into nursery, the team will work with parents to build up a strong parent-partnership relationship.

Happy Days Nursery Settling In

Our team will endeavour to follow your child’s routine as closely as possible and the following measures are put into place:

  • Prior to the setting in period we provide parents with both written and verbal information (including our prospectus and policies), and detailed descriptions of the selection of activities, outings, outdoor and indoor play facilities that you child will participate in.
  • We will allocate a key person to each child who will welcome and care for the child as well as communicate with parents throughout the child’s
    first session and the settling-in process.
  • Often children who have never previously experienced a substantialamount of time away from the home setting will take a slightly longer period of time to adjust. However our experienced team will reassure, calm and distract children to ensure they settle as quickly as possible.
  • If required, parents are welcomed to book their child into additional sessions; the settling in period can be difficult for both parents and children alike (especially for first-time parents).
  • Once a child is settled, they will have formed relationships with staff members and feel secure in their care. The child will also expect time away from their parent(s) and develop confidence when participating in activities and playing alongside other children. In time every child should develop a happy and enjoyable routine, bonding with the staff team and their Key Worker.
  • Should there be any concerns during this settling in period the staff will get in touch with parents to discuss. Parents are also welcomed to communicate with staff members over the phone whenever they wish.